Precious Time Method

Precious Time uses its own proven learning method based on a multi-level, multi-disciplinary approach to early childhood education that encourages children to learn at their own rate and pace, to participate in creative and social activities as well as traditional play.

Play provides the opportunity for children to practice skills and develop knowledge. We use a great deal of hands-on materials, introduce concepts through learning games, and encourage children to operate independently, which enhances their self-esteem.

Teacher led activities and group games also help prepare the child to cooperate and follow directions, to develop the ability to think and problem solve, to make friends, develop communication skills and to be well- mannered and polite.

Physical play is used to develop small and large muscle groups and coordination skills.

Children are encouraged to be self-directed and self-disciplined.

Things To Know

Parent Training Opportunities

Parents and teachers are partners in discipline, as well as, education, that is why Precious Time offers the same trainings to teachers and to parents. There are monthly opportunities for training on our school calendar.





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