Welcome To Precious Time Child Development Centers

Precious Time Child Development is a national provider of on-site managed child care services. We are dedicated to promoting the quality of life for all working families and to fostering strong familial bonds. We are committed to giving children a safe place to grow, a nurturing place to develop and a joyful place in which to flourish. Corporations that offer on-site child care as part of a family supportive workplace find that the program benefits both employee and employer.

Chivon Gibson Program Director and Autism Inclusion Program Director. Melessa Walters. BCBA

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Our Vision

Precious Time promotes the quality of life for all working families and fosters strong familial bonds.

Here is how we are committed to making that happen:

  • To working parents, we provide peace of mind through high quality,
    on-site child care
  • To their children, we bring care and enrichment through safe and
    secure facilities and nurturing surroundings


Welcome To Precious Time

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